Jeff Lerner's Book: "Pure and Raw with Real World Help"

Jeff's Book: "Pure and Raw with Real World Help"

Jeff Lerner's Book: "Pure and Raw with Real World Help"

Interesting. I found an Amazon Verified Purchase Review by Kirk, who has known Jeff Lerner for a long time. This is very revealing concerning the above question.

Please also see Kirk’s complete review verified by Amazon. In this case, he is speaking about Jeff Lerner’s recently released book and his personal experience with Jeff over the years. The many reviews like this talk strongly about Jeff Lerner’s character and integrity.

Feedback Title: Pure and raw -This book will provide all the real-world help you need to attain your vision of success.

I have known Jeff for 5+ years now. He is as genuine and selfless as they come.

Now, to the book. I got an advanced copy, and this book is PACKED with incredible real-world stories and examples. Jeff did what he tells us to do in the book, and there’s no better teacher than someone who has already done it.

Do yourself a favor and change your life by purchasing this book! - Kirk

On a personal note:

I finally got some time to listen to the Jeff Lerner podcast. He appeared ‘genuine’ and transparent in the podcast called ‘Stop Imposter Syndrome. His interview was good, and I did not even know that Imposter Syndrome was ‘a thing’.

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